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1.961 Lecture Videos

1.961 Life at low Reynolds numbers

The emphasis of the class will be on the application of physical and fluid dynamical principles to life at the microscale, in particular to aquatic systems. You will learn to grasp the fundamental aspects of a wide range of flow phenomena at the microscale in terms of a few relatively simple physical laws. You will develop an intuition for the fundamental properties of living systems at low Reynolds numbers. At the same time, you will be exposed to a range of problems in low Reynolds number fluid mechanics, with applications to biology, ecology, chemistry and human health.

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1.961 - Lecture 1 – The Origin of D...

Added 9 years ago | 01:24:04 | 36088 views

1.961 Life at low Reynolds numbersIntroduction to the class Brownian motion

1.961 - Lecture 14 – Stokes flow around a sphere

1.961 - Lecture 14 – Stokes f...

Added 9 years ago | 01:23:35 | 20477 views

1.961 Life at low Reynolds numbersDeriving the solution for the flow field The drag force on the sphere Stokes’ and Whitehead’s paradoxes: a low-Reynolds number fiasco

1.961 - Lecture 13 – The peri...

Added 9 years ago | 01:27:28 | 16910 views

1.961 Life at low Reynolds numbersParticles crossing streamlines? Solving hard problems without doing math The scallop theorem

1.961 - Lecture 2 – The physi...

Added 9 years ago | 01:25:40 | 24631 views

1.961 Life at low Reynolds numbersRandom walkers: a toy model for diffusion The diffusion coefficient and Einstein’s formula

1.961 - Lecture 3 – Diffusion...

Added 9 years ago | 01:25:42 | 28297 views

1.961 Life at low Reynolds numbersDiffusion-limited uptake: nutrient flux to a sphere When does nutrient uptake occur only by diffusion: The Peclet number Diffusion vs. locomotion: how do you escape from your boundary layer? Diffusion ...

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