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The students, faculty and staff in the MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics share a passion for air and space vehicles, the technologies that enable them, and the missions they fulfill.  Our environment is connected, busy, global, hectic, open, collegial ... and fun.

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STS-61 Mission Highlights

STS-61 Mission Highlights

Added over 2 years ago | 01:06:16 | 1229 views

STS-61 was the first Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission, and the fifth flight of the Space Shuttle Endeavour. The mission launched on 2 December 1993. The mission restored the spaceborne observatory's vision, marred by spherical ab...

Introduction and Welcome

Introduction and Welcome

MVL 50th Anniversary Symposium

Added 3 years ago | 00:13:05 | 1682 views

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Jaime Peraire, Head, Department AeroAstro

CubeSats: Tiny satellites work at MIT, U. Mich.

CubeSats: Tiny satellites work at M...

Added over 3 years ago | 00:05:20 | 6309 views

A video reflection of work at MIT, U. Michigan, and other institutions on small satellites and the technology that will contribute to overcoming the challenges facing interplanetary CubeSat and iCubeSat missions. Produced for the first I...

 Crash. Design. Rebuild: engineering design and rapid prototyping

Crash. Design. Rebuild: engineerin...

Added over 3 years ago | 00:02:12 | 5004 views

During 2012 IAP,  AeroAstro undergrad students had seven days to redesign and fly radio controlled aircraft kits. The exercise developed initial competency in engineering design. Activities included hand sketching, CAD modeling, CAE...

Variable pitch quadrotors in the Aerospace Controls Lab

Variable pitch quadrotors in the Ae...

Added over 3 years ago | 00:02:48 | 4261 views

Trajectory generation and control for a variable pitch quadrotor helicopter developed at MIT AeroAstro's Aerospace Controls Lab. The variable-pitch propellers allow for more aggressive maneuvers and aerobatics than possible with typical ...

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