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Windscreen by Meejin Yoon, Associate Professor of Architecture

Wind Screen by Meejin Yoon, Associate Professor of Architecture Location: Green Building (MIT Building 54) Installation: Installed April 2011 Imagine a shimmering curtain of light suspended in the archway below the Green Building: an architectural-scale screen of micro-turbines that simultaneously generates and consumes energy harvested from the wind, translating wind speed into a visual register of this replenishable source of energy. Air currents sweeping across the plaza create kinetic patterns of form and light, illuminating what otherwise would be a largely invisible phenomenon. As the wind blows stronger, and the turbines spin faster, the lights shine more brightly; energy is consumed as soon as it is produced, always balancing the equation.

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Arts at MIT

Arts at MIT

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August 02, 2011 17:24
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