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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Coupling simulation-based and analy...

Added 7 years ago | 00:57:36 | 5066 views

Presentation given by Carolina Osorio on May 4, 2010

Energy-Efficient Salps

Added almost 7 years ago | 00:01:17 | 11932 views

Energy-efficient salps swim and forage. To find out more, read a news release at . Video courtesy of Roman Stocker of the MIT Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Kelly Rakow Su...

Infochemicals in the Ocean

Added almost 7 years ago | 00:00:45 | 15312 views

Marine microbes — though invisible to the naked eye — perform functions that are vital for the health of the ocean. With no vision or hearing, they navigate their environment by following chemical signals. One of these chemicals, DMSP, e...

H-bond cooperation in proteins

Added almost 7 years ago | 00:00:33 | 14811 views

The strength of a protein-based materials like spider silk lies in the specific geometric configuration of structural proteins, which have small clusters of weak hydrogen bonds that work cooperatively to resist force and dissipate energy...

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