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Futures of Entertainment

FoE is a an annual 200+-person retreat which explores the current state and future of media properties, brands, and audiences and the way these groups interact and intersect with one another. By combining a mix of leading media studies scholars and cutting-edge media and marketing practitioners from a diverse range of locations and sectors--in conjunction with fans, activists, journalists, analysts, and other voices--in lengthy discussion, this two-day conference explores how the media industries are evolving, how storytelling is changing and the shifting dynamics in how people relate to media properties and brands.

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FoE3: At the Intersection of the Ac...

Added almost 7 years ago | 01:59:14 | 41343 views

What are the challenges of bringing the academy and the industry together? How do we negotiate working across these two worlds?

FoE3: Consumption, Value and Worth

Added almost 7 years ago | 02:00:36 | 68467 views

Where does value come from in the evolving media landscape? Does it lie in the properties themselves, or in what people do with these properties? Do creative companies create value or does value creation also occur on the consumption sid...

FoE3: Global Flows, Global Deals

Added almost 7 years ago | 01:45:00 | 39322 views

The Internet has altered transnational media flows, making it easier to move content across national and geographic boundaries, but complicating the economic structures that support these flows. How do we manage global distribution in t...

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