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Extraordinary Learning @ MIT

Genius (Students) + Ingenious (Curriculum) =
Extraordinary Learning @ MIT

Students and professors talk about innovation and creativity in teaching and learning at MIT. See four examples: The hands-on Hydrodynamics Lab, HASS subject: "Learning From the Past: Drama, Science, Performance" Concourse Giant Axon Project, and the MIT Energy Initiative.

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Posted almost 797 years by Anonymous User


Posted 9 years by Anonymous User

EXCITING LEARNING AND GREAT TO BECOME a student of MIT. Thanks for so much of material and systematic way of teaching-learning at MIT. All that.. is student friendly and clear. And teacher convenience and he is sure of what he is doing!!

Posted 9 years by Anonymous User

Really it is extraordinary and systematic teaching-learning -at MIT-as seen from web material. It must be a pleasure to teach and learn at MIT. Thanks to the organized way of education system at MIT. Prof. E S Prakash, India

Posted 9 years by Anonymous User

tell me somthing about M.S in M.I.T

Posted 9 years by Anonymous User

Congratulações ! ! ! gostei muito da apresentação do MIT, cheguei no site de vocês lendo uma matéria sobre um sistema heliostático bimetálico, pois estou trabalhando em sistema muito parecido na minha tese de doutorado, mas o princípio é diferente, não utilizo bimetálico e o que mais marcou a semelhança entre os dais trabalhos foram os princípios filosóficos aos quais regem os nossos trabalho, pois tabém desenvolvi um girassol artificial que não requer motores nem energia elétrica para acompanhar o sol. Portanto, fiz questão de citar o trabalho de vocês na mina pesquisa durante a escrita do estado da arte. Gostaria de alguma foto se possível para ilustrar mais ainda o trabalho de vocês.


Eng.º Everaldo Fernandes Monteiro Comendador

Posted 9 years by Anonymous User

MIT is a place to be. It is a dream institute for an engineering institute and provides the best and most systematic way of teaching. Nishant Kshyap,IIT ROORKEE, INDIA

Posted 9 years by Anonymous User


Posted 9 years by Anonymous User

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