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Verizon and Coca-Cola Perspectives on Enterprise Transformation

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Rafael Marañón, Co-founder MIT Social Media Club

This morning the MIT’s Center for Technology, Policy, and Industrial Development (CTPID),in collaboration with the new Journal of Enterprise Transformation (JET),  featured enterprise transformation thought leaders who shared their insights on leading and sustaining transformation efforts. Keynote speakers Prof. Michael D. Oliff, Author of the Transformation In The Age of Turbulence, and Mr. Anthony J. (Tony) DiMaso, Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Development at Verizon, addressed a multidisciplinary audience at MIT’s Sloan School of Management on the topic of Enterprise Transformation. Dr. Oliff delighted us with a very passionate speech on the importance of fostering a corporate “stretch culture” that supports taking big steps in culture change and business process improvement while maintaining a sense of customer satisfaction.  Next, Mr. Dimaso provided deep insight into Verizon’s corporate strategy for growth through value creation in the fast changing and highly competitive market environment served by the Telecom industry. During the panel discussion we were inspired by Mr. John Oehlke, Vice President of Business Transformation at Coca-Cola North America. Mr. Oehlke related an early goal of Coca-Cola company, to keep Coke “within an arm’s reach of desire.”  While expanding internationally in early of 20th century, Coca-Cola company strove to allow US troops to keep enjoying the soda while on missions abroad.  Now, in order to keep on the leadership of the market, the company experienced important transformation while maintaining that same core mission of easy access to their myriad product line. However, in my opinion, the same value persists of delighting their customers, whether with Coke or with bottled water. Providing academic insights to the panel, Prof. Deborah Nightingale, Director Center for Technology, Policy and Industrial Development (CTPID) at MIT, spoke on the utility that a framework based on -ilities (very similar to the one we study in our course 16.855/ESD.38 Enterprise Architecting) brings to execution of concept generation and selection of the potential change targets in a enterprise transformation process.  All of which begins with corporate strategy in a transformation in order to avoid diminishing return. Keeping customers satisfaction high while their values are constantly changing is a challenge for many organizations. The ability to architect the change by having a proper assessment of the current view, by projecting the desired goal and evaluating potential options is something that corporations must practice in order to keep their business units constantly learning. I am very interested to keep learning about how Enterprise Architecture can enable companies to capitalize on opportunities during recession.  Definitely I am still exploring how system dynamics and a better understanding of social media tools empowers employees, customers, and transformation leaders to facilitate the enterprise transformation.   - Thanks to Victor Piper for the edition of this blog post. Check Victor's blog for his comments about the event.  

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Rafael Marañón, Co-founder MIT Social Media Club

Rafael Marañón, Co-founder MIT Social Media Club

Category: Management | Updated over 4 years ago

March 10, 2011 16:14
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