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MIT Leaders for Global Operations is a dual-degree program that grants an MBA and an SM in Engineering in two years. With a focus on manufacturing and operations, LGO is a unique partnership of industry, the MIT Sloan School of Management and the School of Engineering. We invite you to learn more about our students and our program by viewing these videos or visiting our website,

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LGO Ambassador Day November 3, 2014

LGO Ambassador Day November 3, 2014

Added 4 months ago | 00:01:04 | 825 views

The Leaders for Global Operations Ambassador Day, November 3, 2014, is a great opportunity for candidates to see what life is like as an LGO. LGO '16s Ana Garcia and David Semko (Ambassador Day co-chairs) explain what Ambassador Day is a...

Dan Kress LGO '15: Internship impact at Pfizer

Dan Kress LGO '15: Internship impac...

Added 8 months ago | 00:04:03 | 950 views

Dan Kress (LGO '15) talks about his path to LGO and his internship at Pfizer in Andover, Massachusetts. Before I came to MIT I got my Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Washington. Then I worked for W. L. Gore in Arizon...

Dan Kress LGO '15: Peer learning at LGO

Dan Kress LGO '15: Peer learning at...

Added 8 months ago | 00:00:44 | 696 views

Dan Kress (LGO ’15) talks about the peer learning that makes LGO distinctive. The other LGO students that I get to work with on a daily basis are so impressive. I have a class of 48 friends that I am so fortunate to be able to learn...

Chuck Cummings LGO '14: The LGO toolkit and family

Chuck Cummings LGO '14: The LGO too...

Added 8 months ago | 00:01:05 | 1410 views

Chuck Cummings, LGO '14, looks back on the LGO experience as it built his toolkit for high-performing teams, while also giving him a family of 47 classmates and their significant others. Reflecting back on my time at LGO, I remember ho...

Chuck Cummings LGO '14: Internship impact at Amazon's transportation group

Chuck Cummings LGO '14: Internship ...

Added 8 months ago | 00:02:59 | 1003 views

Chuck Cummings (LGO '14) talks about coming to LGO and his six-month internship at Amazon's transportation group: I attended the Unviersity of Kentucky in mechanical engineering. Before coming to MIT I worked at GE Appliances as a lean...

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