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Energy and Clean Tech Series

The MIT Club of Northern California regularly presents speakers knowlegeable on the topics of clean energy and the environment. This series of recordings has been organized by Doug Spreng and represents some of the latest views and discussions on our energy situation.

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Nuclear Innovation for the 21st Century - Prof. Richard K. Lester

Nuclear Innovation for the 21st Cen...

Added 1 month ago | 01:56:22 | 220 views

Nuclear energy will be essential for achieving deep, rapid reductions in global greenhouse gas emissions. Today it produces almost two-thirds of all low-carbon electricity in the U.S. Nuclear power technology is highly reliable, easily s...

How the Atmosphere Affects Climate Change - Professor Dan Cziczo - MIT - MIT Club of Northern California

How the Atmosphere Affects Climate ...

Added 6 months ago | 01:23:19 | 1017 views

What are the roles of greenhouse gases, small particles and clouds? It has been known for over a century that greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane warm the planet by trapping heat. What is not as well known is that part...

What We KNOW About Climate Change - Prof. Kerry Emanuel - MIT Club of Northern California

What We KNOW About Climate Change -...

Added 8 months ago | 01:29:59 | 960 views

Professor Kerry Emanuel has been known for his "Show me the data!" approach to climate science. In this talk, he will present a long term, evidence-driven view of Earth's climate change, culminating in a discussion of current risks and i...

Pioneers in Clean Technology - Marc Tarpenning - Tesla Motors - MIT Club of Northern California

Pioneers in Clean Technology - Marc...

Added 10 months ago | 01:43:22 | 2318 views

Please join us at one of our two convenient locations for this exciting new series which will explore the challenges faced by founders and CEOs of well-known clean tech companies, who will describe the early years of their company. Aime...

Hydraulic Fracturing: Boon or Bane? - George King, P.E. - MIT Club of Northern California

Hydraulic Fracturing: Boon or Bane?...

Added 11 months ago | 01:25:32 | 1821 views

How does hydraulic fracturing work? Can chemicals in fracturing fluid contaminate fresh water supplies? Can we recycle all the waste water and other fluids from fracturing? What can prevent methane escaping into the atmosphere? Can fract...

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