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The 10th Annual Pappalardo Fellowships in Physics Symposium

Five members of the Department's premier postdoctoral fellowship program, the Pappalardo Fellowships in Physics, present highlights from their independent research projects. All talks are designed for the enjoyment of the general MIT community.

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MIT Physics Symposium: The Pappalardo Fellowships in Physics

MIT Physics Symposium: The Pappalar...

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1 Introductory Remarks

1 Introductory Remarks

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Prof. Jocelyn Monroe, Assistant Professor of Physics, MIT; 2006-2009 Pappalardo Fellow

2 The Hunt for Dark Matter

2 The Hunt for Dark Matter

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Dr. James Battat, 2008–2011 Pappalardo Fellow (Dark Matter & Neutrino Physics)The Standard Model of particle physics cannot account for 80% of the matter in the Universe. This mystery looms large over physics, and has stimulated an inte...

3 Oxide interface: a Chance for New Electronics

3 Oxide interface: a Chance for New...

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Dr. Lu Li, 2008–2011 Pappalardo Fellow (Condensed Matter Experiment)Like silicon in computer chips, interfaces between complex oxides are potential candidates for new functional electronics. Some interfaces between insulating oxides are...

4 Genetic Demixing in Bacterial Colonies

4 Genetic Demixing in Bacterial Col...

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Dr. Kirill Korolev, 2010–2013 Pappalardo Fellow (Soft Condensed Matter Theory & Biophysics) The evolution of natural populations involves more than mutations followed by natural selection—the reshuffling of genes during genetic recombin...

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