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The thermal-Hydraulics lab of Prof Jacopo Buongiorno, Dr Tom McKrell and Dr. Lin-wen Hu

The thermal-hydraulics lab supports the development of nanofluids for enhanced heat transfer in nuclear and conventional systems, and the study of fundamental boiling phenomena. The lab is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation for measurement of thermo-physical properties such as thermal conductivity, surface tension and viscosity, and various flow loops for characterizing convective heat transfer and fluid dynamics behavior, both in single-phase and two-phase flow. A particularly interesting facility uses infra-red thermometry, high-speed imaging and a double-sensor optical probe to obtain detailed and fundamental time- and space-resolved data on pool boiling heat transfer, specifically bubble departure diameter and frequency, growth and wait times, nucleation site density and near-wall void fraction. These data can be used to inform and validate models of boiling heat transfer and Critical Heat Flux.

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Fundamentals of Boiling

Fundamentals of Boiling

Added almost 2 years ago | 00:00:40 | 1453 views

Research from Professor Jacopo Buongiorno's lab showing the 2D time-dependent temperature distribution on an indium-tin-oxide (ITO) heater, laid over a transparent sapphire substrate. Temperature is measured with high-speed infra-red the...

Nanofluids for Nuclear Applications

Nanofluids for Nuclear Applications

Added over 4 years ago | 00:00:17 | 3773 views

Research from Professor Jacopo Buongiorno's lab showing the occurrence of CHF, the transition from nucleate boiling to film boiling, on an electrically-heated wire submerged in water.

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