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Tim Dudley

Hello everyone. 

My name is Tim.  I'm senior here at MIT, majoring in Architecture.  Here you'll find a collection of video blogs, "informational" videos, and whatever other interesting things I create. 

 Feel free to comment or ask questions, and I'll do what I can to respond.  Enjoy!

Collection videos

Reason #37 Why Architecture is a gr...

Added over 7 years ago | 00:06:16 | 16393 views

The first of [hopefully] many videos highlighting MIT's Architecture department and its resources. This video shows the production of a topographic site model for a design project I'm working on. A 3D model was created in AutoCAD, then ...

Epic Peep Battle

Added over 7 years ago | 00:02:40 | 12497 views

It get's pretty boring around the dorm during spring break...

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