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100% Container Scanning: Security Policy Implications for Global Supply Chains

Allison C Bennett & Yi Zhuan Chin

Research Fest 2008

In August 2007 the US government passed the 9/11 Act, requiring all US-bound containerized cargo to be scanned using radiation and non-intrusive imaging equipment at foreign seaports prior to vessel loading by July 2012. This project creates a quantitative framework to assist importers in analyzing the financial costs and delay concerns associated with 100% container scanning.

21-May-08, Session 1 (1:15-2:15)

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Excellent presentation. You really seem to know your stuff.

Buzz Nofal

Posted almost 9 years by Anonymous User


Wow, you have come along way. Arlington is proud of you. Next, your PhDZK Chief Barrett

Posted almost 9 years by Anonymous User


Great job! I am proud of you, as usual.


Posted almost 9 years by Anonymous User

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ResearchFest 2008

ResearchFest 2008

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June 20, 2008 09:55
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