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The Adventures of Help Desk Guy

Find out what the IS&T Help Desk recommends for a safe and happy computing experience at MIT.

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Go Helpdesk Guy!

Posted 9 years by Anonymous User

cool.. i lyk d scene wen he is trying to put d password….

Posted 9 years by Anonymous User

Help Desk Guy Rocks! -tgriffin

Posted 9 years by ctlvideo

I am so-o-o-o jealous. I always waned to do this with the rules of use , but was always told it wasn't serious enough. Bravo!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 9 years by Anonymous User

Cool video. I especially like the scene transitions. Very artsy :) And a great summary of key things to watch out for.

Posted 9 years by othomas

Very clever, and Scooter is adorable! :)

Posted almost 9 years by Anonymous

haaa, this is very cool video. Go Help Desk Guy and catch the thief.

You can find more information about how to protect your computer in Google :-

Posted over 7 years by kakashi

Hahaahh i think this is very funny video….but useful to remembering us.

Posted 7 years by davecozy

Oh my lord did we have fun making this! Let’s do more!!!

Posted almost 7 years by lmayer

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August 08, 2008 13:35
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