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Music and Sound Design in Moby-Dick...

TSG: Reading Media Material

Added 9 years ago | 00:01:22 | 16010 views

An interview with Abdul Mateen, Musical Director and Sound Technician for Moby-Dick: Then and Now.

DJ Culture: Tools and Techniques

DJ Culture

Added 9 years ago | 00:06:05 | 15425 views

Why Go To Graduate School?


Added over 9 years ago | 01:05:00 | 15391 views

Speakers:John Nonnamaker - Associate Director, Graduate Student Career Development?

Energy, Security, and the Environment


Added over 9 years ago | 00:45:37 | 15285 views

Ernest Moniz, MIT - Professor of Physics, Director of the MIT Energy Initiative, former Undersecretary of the US Department of Energy Achieving the Energy-Efficient Supply Chain, Conference by MIT-CTL and CSCMP Professor Moniz summarize...

What is a DJ?

DJ Culture

Added 9 years ago | 00:06:06 | 15267 views

DJ Culture: Introducing the DJs. Featuring M. Singe, DJ C, and DJ Flack. Produced and Edited by Andres Lombana and Anna van Someren. 2008

Hibur Lecture, 11/20/05

hibur lectures

Added over 9 years ago | 01:12:00 | 15166 views

Video conference with Technion, November 20, 2005.

How MLOG Can Change Your Career Path

CTL & SCM Webinars

Added 9 years ago | 00:32:00 | 14992 views

MLOG/ZLOG Webinar - 9/13/07

Four Readers

TSG: Reading Media Material

Added 9 years ago | 00:04:49 | 14548 views

Video detailing the reading habits of Rudy Cabrera, Wyn Kelley, Ricardo Pitts-Wiley, and Henry Jenkins.

Rehearsing Moby-Dick: Then and Now

TSG: Reading Media Material

Added 9 years ago | 00:04:45 | 14535 views

A short clip showing Ricardo working with his cast in Moby-Dick: Then and Now.

Red-Tailed Hawk Gets Squirrel in Te...


Added 9 years ago | 00:05:03 | 14533 views

It's always interesting to see what happens outside your office window.

Scenic Design in Moby-Dick: Then an...

TSG: Reading Media Material

Added 9 years ago | 00:02:38 | 14277 views

An interview with Morris Nathanson, Set Designer of Moby-Dick: Then and Now.

MITES 2007 - Week 4 Discussion Group


Added 10 years ago | 00:01:33 | 14215 views

Week 4's Discussion Group Theme was Nature-Inspired Design and how we can learn from Nature. Although not shown, this discussion was one of the more livlier meetings as we eventually began talking about gun control, somehow.