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Tom Brokaw - Compton Lecture Series

Compton Lecture Series

Added almost 10 years ago | 00:28:50 | 19757 views

Tom Brokaw, former anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News, delivered a 2008 Compton lecture titled "Life Is Not Virtual" April 2nd, in Kirsch Auditorium. An internationally respected journalist, Brokaw served as the NBC anchor f...

Cosplay: First Experience


Added almost 10 years ago | 00:01:20 | 8368 views

Cosplay: First Experience

Intellectual Capital: Arnie Barnett...

MIT Sloan

Added 10 years ago | 00:42:59 | 20967 views

Widely considered the nation's leading expert on aviation safety, Arnie Barnett uses his background in applied math to help conquer his own fear of flying. He calms himself — and sometimes even fellow passengers — during turbulence by r...

Astronaut Confidential


Added 10 years ago | 00:07:41 | 6233 views

What is weightlessness? How do astronauts train for it? How can we simulate it on Earth? Understand weightlessness through the eyes of Astronaut Dan Burbank and the experiments of grad students in Aero Astro.

Lecture: The Life and Works of Doc ...

Doc Edgerton films

Added 10 years ago | 00:43:57 | 21604 views

Institute Professor, Harold "Doc" Edgerton revolutionized photography with his high speed strobe lighting techniques. He came to MIT as a student in 1926. By the time of his passing in 1990 he had profoundly affected MIT and the world wi...

NASA ISS Video Tour

MIT Video Productions

Added 10 years ago | 00:10:20 | 19935 views

Take a video tour of the International Space Station with MIT Alum Lt. Col. Mike Fincke

AI Lab : Cog the Humanoid Robot

AI Lab : Cog the Humanoid Robot

MIT Video Productions

Added 10 years ago | 00:03:08 | 43382 views

Humanoid intelligence requires humanoid interactions with the world, according to Professor Rodney Brooks, director of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab. By building a robot with a human-like form that can experience the world in the ...

Spheres - Synchronized Position Hol...

MIT Video Productions

Added 10 years ago | 00:03:46 | 23832 views

In spring 2000, 13 graduating MIT seniors developed and tested three mini-satellites that could lead the way to similar devices that fly in formation, much like Thunderbirds in an Air Force show. The range of potential applications inc...

Laboratory for Human and Machine Ha...

MIT Video Productions

Added 10 years ago | 00:03:52 | 28414 views

Welcome to the Laboratory for Human and Machine Haptics, less formally known as the Touch Lab, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Touch Lab was founded by Dr. Mandayam A. Srinivasan in 1990. The goals of research conducte...

Nano Neuro Knitting

MIT Video Productions

Added 10 years ago | 00:04:11 | 34473 views

Spinal cord injuries, serious stroke and severe traumatic brain injuries affect more than 5 million Americans at a total cost of $65 billion a year in treatment. Rodents blinded by a severed tract in their brains' visual system had the...


MIT Video Productions

Added 10 years ago | 00:03:18 | 22363 views

The humble snail, trailed by its ribbon of slime, now has its first robotic counterpart in research at MIT that could lead to new forms of locomotion for machines. Assistant Professor Annette "Peko" Hosoi and her colleagues in the Mech...


MIT Video Productions

Added 10 years ago | 00:03:20 | 18371 views

Leaving stabilization of the helicopter to an automatic control system, the pilot issued high-level commands – go higher, move sideways and turn, go slightly lower. Although the feat appeared simple, Associate Professor Eric Feron, Depa...