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schedule stress!

This is me venting about my stupid schedule and how it's not working out but hopefully it will. Happens to every MIT student at one point or another.... *sigh*

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yeah, scheduling sucks sometimes. but, you'll be alright.

some definitions for non-miters though.

being in "mainstream" – this means not being part of a special group such as ESG or Concourse (you can look these two up). GIR's – General Institute Requirements.

good luck with scheduling milena. ;)

Posted 7 years by oef

thanks for defining those terms, Omar… It slipped my mind!

Posted 7 years by Anonymous

well, good luck on it !

and thanks Omar for the mainstream definition, I did not get that.


Posted 7 years by Anonymous User

I was in ESG last term…basically ESG stands for experimental study group. It offers smaller class sizes and one on one interaction with the professor. It's also a community of students and staff that are very close-knit. We have a lounge and our own kitchen so ESG tends to hold events and stuff for its students and staff. It was pretty fun. The staff also sponsor field trips and things like that. I recommend it.

Posted 7 years by Anonymous User

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February 05, 2008 12:52
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fun classes!

fun classes!

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