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Videos for Category Biotechnology (4)

Dr. Francis Collins - Compton Lecture (2014)

Dr. Francis Collins - Compton Lectu...

Compton Lecture Series

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"Exceptional Opportunities in Biomedical Research". Recorded October 28, 2014.

The Prosetta Platform Applied to Hu...

MIT Club of Northern California

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Overcoming old paradigms in science can often take decades. Learn how Dr Vishawanath Lingappa fast tracked his “against-the-herd” discovery of self-assembly of viruses and the creation of a new subfield of molecular biology. He will ...

EBICS April 2013 Distinguished Lecture, Prof Viola Vogel

EBICS April 2013 Distinguished Lect...


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Novel Devices and Tools for the Management of Cancer - MIT Club of Northern Calfornia

Novel Devices and Tools for the Man...

MIT Club of Northern California

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Please join the Life Science Forum of the MIT Club of Northern California as they host the first Bay Area With/In/Sight™ lecture series from the David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT.The event will showcase...