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Videos tagged with camera (5)

Bokode: focus demo

MIT News

Added over 8 years ago | 00:00:19 | 19994 views

A demonstration of the process by which a camera going out of focus can display the contents of a Bokode visual tag.

Bokode: Imperceptible Visual Tags f...

MIT News

Added over 8 years ago | 00:04:52 | 58349 views

We show a new camera based interaction solution where an ordinary camera can detect small optical tags from a relatively large distance. Current optical tags, such as barcodes, must be read within a short range and the codes occupy valua...

Jacques-Yves Cousteau Tests Harold ...

Old Versions

Added almost 10 years ago | 00:00:57 | 22392 views

Jacques-Yves Cousteau first met Harold E. Edgerton on the recommendation of their sponsor at National Geographic Society, as the French explorer was searching for better lighting solutions for his deepwater cameras. Doc notes in his labo...

How a High-Speed Camera Works

Old Versions

Added over 10 years ago | 00:02:53 | 14510 views

Watch this film by Doc Edgerton showing how a high-speed camera works. [HEE-FV-018, at 01:07]

Camera Flash


Added over 10 years ago | 00:08:32 | 8119 views

I describe how the flash of a camera works.