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The Status of Women in Science and Engineering at MIT

The Status of Women in Science and ...

MIT World — special events and lectures

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03/28/2011 9:00 AM KresgeNancy Hopkins, Amgen, Inc. Professor of BiologyDescription: It's difficult to imagine that at one point in her career, National Academy of Science member Nancy Hopkins thought to quit. In her talk, she relates th...

Distributed Leadership in the Obama Campaign

Distributed Leadership in the Obama...

MIT World — special events and lectures

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03/19/2009 E51"395Marshall Ganz, Lecturer in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School of GovernmentDescription: The Obama campaign owes its victory not to a single charismatic candidate, but to the efforts of a disciplined and motivated org...

2009 MIT Energy Conference: Afterno...

MIT Energy Conference

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Keynote with U.S. Representative, Jay Inslee

Sustainability at MIT: Greening MIT...

MIT Alumni Association

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Sustainability, a concept that is gaining new urgency worldwide, is getting a hands-on workout at MIT through projects that use the campus as a test lab and through a host of faculty and student initiatives.

Sustainability: The Next Management...

MIT Sloan

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Walking the Talk John Sterman, Theresa Stone, Jason Jay, Anna Jaffe, Adam Siegel

Scratch Intro Facilitorial


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By Jay Silver