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Student Success - Redesigning for a Broad Audience

Student Success - Redesigning for a...


Added 1 day ago | 00:03:30 | 40 views

MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Research Post Doctoral Researcher Tracy Centanni shares her experience in the IMPACT program.

Easy Breezy - SCIENCE with/in/sight presentation

Easy Breezy - SCIENCE with/in/sight...

Koch Institute Image Awards 2015

Added 2 months ago | 00:07:11 | 1118 views

Gregory Szeto, Irvine Laboratory, Koch Institute at MIT, shares the story behind his award-winning image Easy Breezy: Particles Prop Open Therapeutic Windows. Presented at SCIENCE with/in/sight: 2015 Koch Institute Image Awards on Mar...

Quantifying Brain Tissue Impact

Quantifying Brain Tissue Impact

Materials Processing Center

Added 3 months ago | 00:02:59 | 565 views

Massachusetts Institute of Technology biological engineering graduate student Bo Qing is studying the impact of traumatic force on brain tissue from rodents and modeling synthetic substitutes to enable better insight into preventing such...

Marko Peljhan | Dronological: The Art and Science of Unmanned Systems

Marko Peljhan | Dronological: The A...

2014 Fall Lecture Series

Added 7 months ago | 01:27:49 | 1532 views

Unmanned aircraft systems have recently been rediscovered due to their use in the so-called “war on terror,” but are an invention more than 100 years old. The lecture will explore the histories and interconnectedness of these systems wit...

Kazue Kobata | Migration Inside-Out: Contemplate, Imagine, Act…

Kazue Kobata | Migration Inside-Out...

2014 Spring Lecture Series: Experiments in Thinking, Action, and Form: Cinematic Migrations

Added 10 months ago | 01:42:20 | 4722 views

Art curator and professor Kazue Kobata will explore themes of political and personal transformation in connection with aspects of technology, medium, and experience as they unfold in Japanese cinema. In 1982, Kazue Kobata opened Plan...

The Science of Bouncing (Science Out Loud S1 Ep7)

The Science of Bouncing (Science Ou...


Added 11 months ago | 00:05:05 | 2464 views

Think all squash balls bounce the same? Think again! John and Bjorn--er--I mean, Aaron and Brad, look into what makes things bounce better than others. Ready for some physics? LET'S BOUNCE! ---------- Awesome MIT videos on planes, aero...

Engineering Engines

Engineering Engines


Added 11 months ago | 00:03:32 | 2022 views

Ever wondered what horsepower really means, and what horses have to do with other modes of transportation? Luke and Abhi take us behind how engines work in machines all around us, including the surprising ways that they're all related! -...

SOLUTIONS with/in/sight: Bridging the Gap in Pancreatic Cancer (Intro)

SOLUTIONS with/in/sight: Bridging t...

with/in/sight Public Lecture Series

Added 12 months ago | 00:07:06 | 1400 views

SOLUTIONS with/in/sight: Bridging the Gap in Pancreatic Cancer on May 29, 2014 highlighted the power of collaborative, interdisciplinary research by showcasing the Bridge Project, a collaboration between the Koch Institute and Dana-Farbe...

Growing Nanotube Forests

Growing Nanotube Forests


Added 12 months ago | 00:03:21 | 1948 views

What if we could grow elevators to space? Or make phones that last for weeks without a charge? These things could someday be possible someday with an amazing material like carbon nanotubes. Alex takes you behind the curious way researche...

Squid Skin with a Mind of Its Own

Squid Skin with a Mind of Its Own


Added 12 months ago | 00:04:32 | 1929 views

When you cut the nerves from a squid brain to the skin, something unexpected happens with the tiny pouches of colored pigment, called chromatophores. Emily takes you behind this phenomenon, and how it can be explained and modeled on the ...

Highlights Interphase 45th Anniversary Gala

Highlights Interphase 45th Annivers...

Interphase Legacy

Added 12 months ago | 00:03:46 | 1068 views

The Physics of Invisibility Cloaks

The Physics of Invisibility Cloaks


Added 1 year ago | 00:05:35 | 1919 views

It's not just movie magic - invisibility cloaks could be feasible, just by manipulating the crazy ways that light bounces, bends, and mixes! Prashanth and Maria take you behind the physics of light and how an invisible cloak could theore...

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