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Videos tagged with animation (9)

Dissectible Capacitor

MIT Department of Physics Technical Services Group

Added almost 7 years ago | 00:02:54 | 45988 views

Leyden Jars, an early style of capacitor, can be connected to the two electrodes of the Wimshurst Machine. They will store charge as it is generated, giving a much stronger spark across the gap. Next we have a three-piece dissectible ...

The Making of "Fast Women", an anim...


Added 7 years ago | 00:03:42 | 12999 views

Animator Gina Kamentsky shares her creative process by describing the development of an animated promo for a tv series called "Fast Women".

Stereotypes in Animation


Added 7 years ago | 00:03:09 | 7632 views

History of Animation


Added 7 years ago | 00:04:22 | 13229 views

History of Animation

Sound in Animation


Added 7 years ago | 00:02:28 | 16698 views

Luis Blackaller, Gina Kamentsky, and Frank Espinosa discuss the special role that sound plays in animation.

Why Animation?


Added 7 years ago | 00:03:13 | 10880 views

What is unique about animation as a media form? Featuring Luis Blackaller and Frank Espinosa.

Videorealistic Speech Animation

MIT Video Productions

Added over 7 years ago | 00:04:15 | 18179 views

We describe how to create with machine learning techniques a generative, videorealistic, speech animation module. A human subject is first recorded using a videocamera as he/she utters a pre-determined speech corpus. After processing t...

Voyager 2's passage through the ter...

MIT News

Added almost 8 years ago | 00:00:15 | 23256 views

Voyager's passage through the termination shock is illustrated in this animation. The solar wind is shown in yellow, and the heliosheath in brown. The animation shows how Voyager crossed the boundary multiple times. The blue graph at to...

Solar wind interacting with interst...

MIT News

Added almost 8 years ago | 00:00:04 | 16949 views

This animation illustrates how the constant outflow of particles from the sun, called the solar wind, interacts with the surrounding interstellar medium (ISM). Where the outflow first encounters the ISM, it forms a shockwave called the ...