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Second First Post

Tim Dudley

Added almost 10 years ago | 00:00:59 | 8070 views

After a long abscence, I think I finally found a solution to my problems...

First Post

Tim Dudley

Added 10 years ago | 00:01:01 | 11008 views

Just a quick post to introduce myself to all of you. It's a little thin on content, but that's what introductions are for. Enjoy, and comment.

schedule stress!


Added 10 years ago | 00:03:33 | 13282 views

This is me venting about my stupid schedule and how it's not working out but hopefully it will. Happens to every MIT student at one point or another.... *sigh*



Added 10 years ago | 00:02:30 | 9476 views

In this entry, I'll be sharing my love for cooking and how cooking at MIT is the best thing ever when it comes to eating. (Well, I prefer scavenging for free food, but still...)



Added 10 years ago | 00:02:53 | 11518 views

This is the first post of my video blog. Basically it's a two-minute-long crash course on all things me. Wana know more? Go to my personal blog at