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Apollo: Reflections and Lessons

Apollo: Reflections and Lessons

MIT World — special events and lectures

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06/11/2009 9:30 AM KresgeDr. Jeffrey A. Hoffman, former Space Shuttle astronaut, Professor of the Practice, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT ; Dr. Richard Battin, '45, PhD '51, Director of Apollo guidance, navigation and ...

"Landing on the Moon" (1966) - Science Reporter TV Series

"Landing on the Moon" (1966) - Scie...

From The Vault

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This 1966 “Science Reporter” television program details the development and construction of the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM), the only vehicle of the three Apollo spacecraft modules that actually lands on the moon. Project engineer Thoma...

Widnall on Apollo's guidance, navig...


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(Dec 10, 2008) Dr. William Widnall speaks to Aero-Astro students about heading the MIT/Draper team in the ‘60s that developed Apollo’s guidance, navigation, and control system.

Robert Seamans and Neil Armstrong on the Apollo Program

Robert Seamans and Neil Armstrong o...


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Robert Seamans Jr. was associate and deputy NASA administrator from 1960-68 where he was instrumental in development of manned spaceflight. He would later serve as MIT Dean of Engineering, Director of the Draper Lab, and a senior lectur...

A Cat Always Lands on its Feet

A Cat Always Lands on its Feet

Old Versions

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Watch how a cat turns in mid-air to land on its feet in this film by Doc Edgerton. [HEE-FV-018, at 05:59]