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The Coriolis Effect

MIT Department of Physics Technical Services Group

Added almost 7 years ago | 00:03:00 | 88148 views

Two demonstrators sit at either end of a rotating platform and toss a ball back and forth. When viewed from the rest frame (when the camera is mounted to the ground), the ball follow a straight line but doesn't reach its target because ...

Physics Demo -- Superconductor

MIT Department of Physics Technical Services Group

Added over 8 years ago | 00:00:56 | 55350 views

A bismuth-based superconducting disk sits on a copper base and is immersed in liquid nitrogen. Two small, very strong magnets are placed on top of the superconductor. The magnets levitate due to the expelled magnetic field from the supe...

Physics Demo -- Lenz's Law

MIT Department of Physics Technical Services Group

Added 8 years ago | 00:00:28 | 52388 views

Two bar magnets of the same size are dropped through an aluminum tube and a glass tube. The magnet dropped in the glass tube falls at the normal rate of acceleration due to gravity, but the magnet falling through the metal tube is slow...

MIT Physics Demo -- Conductivity of...

MIT Department of Physics Technical Services Group

Added 8 years ago | 00:00:53 | 49617 views

A light bulb is placed in series with two copper plates immersed in de-ionized water. Touching the plates closes the circuit, lighting the bulb.When kosher salt is dropped into the de-ionized water, the salt dissolves, causing ions to b...

Renewable Energy Supply Chains: Del...

CTL & SCM Webinars

Added almost 7 years ago | 00:58:29 | 48388 views

CTL Last Wednesday Webinars @ Noon Series, June 24: There has been much research on how to make the production of renewable energy more economically viable, but relatively little on the delivery of this vital resource. A collaborative ef...

Webinar: Supply Chain for Entrepren...

CTL & SCM Webinars

Added over 6 years ago | 00:59:45 | 47233 views

How are supply chain professionals involved in start-up firms? What sorts of companies employ them? What kinds of decisions do they make? In this webinar, you will hear from a panel of MIT MLOG and ZLOG alumni who are working in start...

MIT Physics Demo -- Pendulum and Magnet

MIT Physics Demo -- Pendulum and Ma...

MIT Department of Physics Technical Services Group

Added 8 years ago | 00:01:11 | 45589 views

A solid copper pendulum is mounted between the poles of an electromagnet (solenoid). The pendulum is set into motion, and then the magnets are turned on. The magnets induce eddy currents in the copper which oppose the motion of the pe...

Scratch in 30 seconds


Added over 8 years ago | 00:00:35 | 42326 views

Video by Jay Silver and Karen Brennan

The Supply Chain Education Partners...

CTL & SCM Webinars

Added 7 years ago | 00:59:52 | 41580 views

MLOG/ZLOG Webinar, June 3, 2009 - Each year companies work with students from the MLOG and ZLOG programs on thesis projects from August to June. Students benefit by being able to work closely with professionals on a challenging supply ch...

Laser Diffraction and Interference

MIT Department of Physics Technical Services Group

Added 7 years ago | 00:02:25 | 40086 views

A laser is directed at an adjustable single slit and then a pinhole and the resulting diffraction patterns can be seen on a screen. A laser directed at two slits spaced closely next to each other creates an interference pattern within...

Adjustable Capacitor with Dielectric

MIT Department of Physics Technical Services Group

Added over 7 years ago | 00:02:05 | 38360 views

First, an adjustable parallel-plate capacitor is held at a constant voltage. As the separation between the plates is widened, the electrometer shows charge (or current) flowing off of the plates, while the electroscope shows no change i...

Extraordinary Learning @ MIT

Extraordinary Learning @ MIT

Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education (DUE) Videos

Added almost 8 years ago | 00:06:55 | 38320 views

Genius (Students) + Ingenious (Curriculum) = Extraordinary Learning @ MITStudents and professors talk about innovation and creativity in teaching and learning at MIT. See four examples: The hands-on Hydrodynamics Lab, HASS subject: "Lea...

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