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Videos tagged with tank (7)

Ripple Tank: Interference of Two Point Sources

Ripple Tank: Interference of Two Po...

MIT Department of Physics Technical Services Group

Added over 5 years ago | 00:01:41 | 47266 views

A ripple tank is placed above a mirror and a projection screen. Two synchronous point sources, whose frequency can be varied, tap the surface of the water and produce circular waves. The interference pattern of the waves including the li...

land-bear-shark version 0.9

land-bear-shark version 0.9

equals zero

Added almost 4 years ago | 00:02:45 | 8778 views

what IS it?

LandBearShark Project: Track Pod Spinup

LandBearShark Project: Track Pod Sp...

equals zero

Added 4 years ago | 00:00:19 | 8444 views

Testing the melontank's driveline mechanics using A Certain Hub Motor Scooter

LandBearShark Project: Preliminary Test

LandBearShark Project: Preliminary ...

equals zero

Added 4 years ago | 00:01:13 | 7596 views

beast it. all of it. see details:

sharking around swapfest

sharking around swapfest

equals zero

Added over 3 years ago | 00:02:17 | 6600 views

what does it do?

land-bear-shark and the hingy board control

land-bear-shark and the hingy board...

equals zero

Added over 3 years ago | 00:01:32 | 4984 views

now with (kinda sorta) board steer.

land-bear-sharking around someone elses college

land-bear-sharking around someone e...

equals zero

Added over 3 years ago | 00:02:49 | 4742 views

LBS goes to Georgia Tech for the Atlanta Mini Maker Faire on Sept 10th, 2011.