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Education Across Borders: The India Perspective

Education Across Borders: The India...

MIT World — special events and lectures

Added almost 6 years ago | 00:51:28 | 14638 views

10/27/2009 3:00 PM 10"250Shri Kapil Sibal, Honourable Minister of Human Resource Development, Government of IndiaDescription: Rickshaw drivers in India are frequent victims of tuberculosis after just a few years inhaling traffic fumes. ...

Race, Politics and American Media (MIT Communications Forum)

Race, Politics and American Media (...

MIT Communications Forum

Added almost 6 years ago | 02:02:00 | 21329 views

10/08/2009 5:00 PM Juan Williams, News analyst, NPR; J. Phillip Thompson, Associate Professor of Urban Politics, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT; David Thorburn, MIT Professor of LiteratureMacVicar Faculty FellowDescripti...

Senior Gift Committee Appreciation

Senior Gift Committee Appreciation

MIT Annual Fund

Added over 7 years ago | 00:03:07 | 15967 views

President Hockfield thanks the Class of 2010 Senior Gift committee for their volunteer efforts and outstanding results.

Class of 2005 Lounge Thank You

MIT Annual Fund

Added over 7 years ago | 00:01:33 | 16998 views

As seniors, the Class of 2005 established a class project to help fund the creation of a new community lounge located off the Infinite Corridor near Lobby 10. Recently, students gathered to express their thanks.

Open Sailing presentation in Future Craft

Open Sailing presentation in Future...


Added 8 years ago | 01:06:00 | 36920 views

Cesar Harada and Hiromi Ozaki present their project Open Sailing in Future Craft on September 16, 2009

Shuja Keen-Class of 1999

MIT Annual Fund

Added 8 years ago | 00:02:08 | 29473 views

CityScope Peru

The Community Innovators Lab

Added over 8 years ago | 00:08:23 | 49468 views

In the spring semester of 2008, a mixed class of grad and undergrad students, including architects, urban planners, and engineers, worked in Tambo de Mora, a town on Peru's southern coast that was ruined by a earthquake a year before our...

Potential Energy to Kinetic Energy

MIT Department of Physics Technical Services Group

Added almost 9 years ago | 00:01:11 | 35473 views

Two identical metal balls are dropped from the same height using an electromagnetic release. One ball is dropped freely, while the other hangs from a string, acting as a simple pendulum. Using two photogates, we see that the vertical v...

Freshman Convocation 2008

Freshman Convocation

Added 9 years ago | 00:42:15 | 27620 views

Watch the entire MIT Freshman Convocation, held on August 24, 2008. Includes speeches by President Susan Hockfield, Chancellor Phillip Clay, and Dean Steve Lerman.

Freshman Convocation 2008, Presiden...

Freshman Convocation

Added 9 years ago | 00:21:35 | 34229 views

MIT President Susan Hockfield addresses the Class of 2012 at the Freshman Convocation on August 24, 2008. Read the full story.

15.053 Recitation 04.24.08

15.053 Recitations

Added over 9 years ago | 00:58:13 | 11240 views

Class After Quiz 7

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