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Fresh Docs

Added over 8 years ago | 00:02:36 | 20829 views

Clean Energy + MIT Ingenuity = Happy Planet. A film by Daniel Dahan '12. Music by Dustin Katzin '12.

 dialogue snippet: What is the future of the green jobs industry?

dialogue snippet: What is the futu...

The Community Innovators Lab

Added over 8 years ago | 00:01:22 | 56166 views

Watch the full panel discussion to see the whole conversation. In the summer of 2009, MIT CoLab deployed student staff to organizations in North Carolina, Mississippi, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Los Angeles, among others, to collabo...

Electrochromic Window

MIT Mobile Experience Lab

Added over 8 years ago | 00:02:24 | 30487 views

Sustainable practice emerges from a carefully crafted choreography between different elements within the built environment. In our design, we program the relationship between both the active and passive elements of the architecture as an...


The Community Innovators Lab

Added over 8 years ago | 00:05:07 | 55652 views

How do you get a biodiesel processor in your community or on your campus?

Renewable Energy Supply Chains: Del...

CTL & SCM Webinars

Added over 8 years ago | 00:58:29 | 50117 views

CTL Last Wednesday Webinars @ Noon Series, June 24: There has been much research on how to make the production of renewable energy more economically viable, but relatively little on the delivery of this vital resource. A collaborative ef...

"Greening Your Event" by Lauren Ber...


Added over 8 years ago | 00:30:50 | 34139 views

This video excerpt is from the "Greening Your Events" luncheon held on June 19th by the WGR and Events Planners. In addition to this powerpoint shown in the presentation, we met with Bon Appetit to discuss green catering, and had a post ...

Communities and the Stimulus Package

The Community Innovators Lab

Added almost 9 years ago | 00:06:54 | 90220 views

On May 11th, a group of community leaders from across the nation gathered in New York to discuss what they are doing locally to improve their communities with the stimulus money. MIT graduate student researchers Uyen Le and Sarah Nusser...

Lawrence Practicum Midterm Student ...


Added almost 9 years ago | 01:01:30 | 16690 views

Midterm community presentation of preliminary research and findings about the historical and current narratives of Lawrence, MA, particularly historical responses to historical turning points, sustainable programs and design, and partici...

Lawrence Practicum Final Student Pr...


Added almost 9 years ago | 00:59:18 | 25672 views

Final community presentation of programs devised by the graduate and undergraduate students in the Spring 2009 Lawrence practicum course in the Dept of Urban Studies and planning (11.423). The final project was a description of how Lawr...

Energy Efficiency Technologies Panel

Energy Efficiency Technologies Panel

MIT Energy Initiative

Added 9 years ago | 01:29:36 | 22567 views

Highlights of technologies and approaches to to building energy efficiency featuring: John Sterman, Jay W. Forrester Professor of Management and Engineering Systems Director, System Dynamics Group Nicholas Gayeski, Building Technolo...

Sustainability at MIT: Greening MIT...

MIT Alumni Association

Added 9 years ago | 00:07:09 | 54701 views

Sustainability, a concept that is gaining new urgency worldwide, is getting a hands-on workout at MIT through projects that use the campus as a test lab and through a host of faculty and student initiatives.

Leon Glicksman on Sustainability

MIT Alumni Association

Added 9 years ago | 00:08:53 | 31084 views

Sustainability@MIT Co-President and Sloan student Adam Siegel interviews Leon Glicksman ’59, PhD ’64, Co-Chair of the MIT Campus Energy Task Force and gains his input on campus sustainability.