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Doing Anthropology

Doing Anthropology

MIT Video Productions

Added over 7 years ago | 00:08:14 | 93476 views |

Thoughts on Fieldwork From Three Research Sites Cultural Anthropology is a social science that explores how people understand - and act in - the world. But what, exactly, is it that Cultural Anthropologists do? How do they approach their...

FoE3: Social Media

FoE3: Social Media

Futures of Entertainment

Added almost 7 years ago | 01:50:00 | 50735 views

Moving lives online, creating conversations across geography, connecting with consumers - how is social media defining the current entertainment landscape? As people not only put more content online, but conduct more of their daily lives...

To Conjure with the Fullness of Truth: The Technology & Culture Forum

To Conjure with the Fullness of Tru...

Technology & Culture Forum at MIT

Added almost 6 years ago | 00:08:08 | 50667 views

For 45 years The Technology and Culture Forum (TAC) has been an on-going, Institute-wide arena for the discussion of ethical issues related to science, technology and innovation.

WebPub Presents: Make IT Work! Using Web Engagement Management to Maximize Your Message

WebPub Presents: Make IT Work! Usin...

MIT WebPub Presents...

Added almost 5 years ago | 00:45:04 | 46425 views

The web has grown in the past 15 years from simple text-based websites to complex interactive conversations. YouTube, blogs, wikis, RSS, Comments, Twitter, Facebook, Mobile Web, and countless other media compete for users’ attention. Wha...

J. Michael Straczynski: The Julius Schwartz Lecture

J. Michael Straczynski: The Julius ...

MIT Comparative Media Studies/Writing

Added 6 years ago | 02:07:00 | 37743 views

This year's Julius Schwartz Lecture speaker was transmedia creator J. Michael Straczynski, who has most recently entered the motion picture arena, writing the period drama Changeling for Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie, adapting such b...

FoE3: Conversation--Wealth, Value, and Social Production

FoE3: Conversation--Wealth, Value, ...

Futures of Entertainment

Added almost 7 years ago | 01:04:00 | 34731 views

Henry Jenkins in conversation with Yochai Benkler - Harvard Law School, author, "The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom."

David Robbins: High Entertainment

David Robbins: High Entertainment

Center for Advanced Visual Studies

Added over 6 years ago | 01:45:00 | 34076 views

Visiting artist and writer David Robbins will talk about “high entertainment.” A practice for the future that combines the critical capacity of fine art with the pleasures and reach of show business, “high entertainment” could be what yo...

Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Leadership and Entrepreneurship

MIT World — special events and lectures

Added almost 4 years ago | 01:52:00 | 33964 views

10/20/2009 4:00 PM e51"335David Fialkow, Managing Director, General Catalyst Partners; Ben Fischman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Retail Convergence, Inc.; Alex Laats, 89, President, BBN Technologies' Delta DivisionDescript...

What Is the CoLab?

What Is the CoLab?

The Community Innovators Lab

Added over 6 years ago | 00:00:00 | 33266 views

FoE3 Introductory Remarks--Henry Jenkins

FoE3 Introductory Remarks--Henry Je...

Futures of Entertainment

Added almost 7 years ago | 00:50:59 | 31369 views

Professor Henry Jenkins, MIT

FoE3: Welcome

FoE3: Welcome

Futures of Entertainment

Added almost 7 years ago | 00:02:34 | 30818 views

Jason Schupbach, Creative Economy Industry Director, Massachusetts Office of Business Development

Web 2.0: Powerful Tools to Connect Your Community

Web 2.0: Powerful Tools to Connect ...

MIT Alumni Association

Added almost 8 years ago | 01:23:00 | 30598 views

A workshop session from the 2007 Alumni Leadership Conference discussing how to use the power of the Internet and virtual tools and programs to connect communities. Topics include leveraging social networking, wikis, photo and video sha...

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