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Ju Li

Ju Li

Research Thumbnails

Added 16 days ago | 00:02:16 | 137 views

Professor Ju Li talks about recent work using in situ transmission electron microscopy to study electrochemical reactions simultaneously with microstructure evolution and mechanics.




Added 6 months ago | 00:03:57 | 878 views

"Learn how to program by programming! This video is part of a workshop consisting of a series of faculty-led videos and hands-on exercises that will teach JavaScript basics and HTML 5. Please contact for que...

Responsive Expansion

Responsive Expansion


Added 6 months ago | 00:00:33 | 407 views

Wood’s fibrous composition makes it an ideal material for responsive expansion, a process triggered by heat and moisture. This article presents the beginning of an investigation that engages the potential for deployment when combining wo...

Tech Day 2013 - Ed Boyden '99, MNG '99: Engineering and Reverse Engineering the Brain

Tech Day 2013 - Ed Boyden '99, MNG ...


Added 7 months ago | 00:20:43 | 2625 views

Perspectives on the World’s Largest Financial Institution and the New Center for Finance and Policy

Perspectives on the World’s Largest...

Shanghai Finance Forum: Finance for the Future

Added 8 months ago | 00:47:54 | 659 views

Deborah Lucas, Sloan Distinguished Professor of Finance

MIT Center for Finance and Policy

MIT Center for Finance and Policy

London Finance Forum: Financial System 2.0

Added 9 months ago | 00:23:50 | 401 views

Andrei Kirilenko, Professor of the Practice of Finance

The ACM Turing Award Presentation and Acceptance - June 15, 2013

The ACM Turing Award Presentation a...


Added 10 months ago | 00:10:51 | 563 views

Brief introductory video by the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) of Shafi Goldwasser and Silvio Micali as they developed their pioneering work in the fields of cryptography and complexity theory. This footage is followed by the ...

Like Father, Like Son: Kim Jong-un and the Danger of War on the Korean Peninsula, featuring Jim Walsh PhD '00

Like Father, Like Son: Kim Jong-un ...

Faculty Forum Online

Added 10 months ago | 00:29:40 | 2022 views

Under Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, North Korea has increased its willingness to use hostile rhetoric, particularly in messages directed towards the US, Japan, and South Korea. Opinions differ on what Kim’s regime gains from these tactics ...

2013 $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize Winner

2013 $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize Wi...

$500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize

Added 11 months ago | 00:05:11 | 3524 views

Dr. Angela Belcher received the 2013 $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize for applying lessons in nature to design environmentally-friendly batteries, solar cells and clean transportation fuel, among other inventions with both commercial and soci...

Simin Farkhondeh \ Bestow Media Literacy, Expose, Inspire Change

Simin Farkhondeh \ Bestow Media Lit...

2013 Spring Lecture Series: Cinematic Migrations

Added 11 months ago | 01:41:29 | 1179 views

Simin Farkhondeh is an award winning filmmaker, artist, educator, and activist. From 1995 to 2003 she produced and directed the acclaimed monthly TV show Labor at the Crossroads. Her films have been screened at the Whitney Biennial, Marg...

Karim Aïnouz \ I Travel Because I Have To, I Come Back Because I Love You

Karim Aïnouz \ I Travel Because I H...

2013 Spring Lecture Series: Cinematic Migrations

Added 12 months ago | 01:47:59 | 2171 views

Karim Aïnouz is a Brazilian-Algerian filmmaker and visual artist whose work addresses issues of gender, identity, and personal histories. His films focus on characters who break universal taboos and transcend stereotypes. I Travel Becaus...

Climate Change Policy that Makes Economic Sense

Climate Change Policy that Makes Ec...

MIT Alumni Association

Added 1 year ago | 00:28:44 | 2651 views

Climate change policy can be complex, expensive to implement, and have unintended negative consequences on the environment. Focusing on the economics of transportation policy, Professor Christopher Knittel is working help create climate ...

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