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Letterlocking: Marie Antoinette's removable paper lock, 18th-century France

Letterlocking: Marie Antoinette's r...


Added 6 days ago | 00:02:31 | 169 views

A letter from Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, to Cardinal Ignazio Boncompagni Ludovisi, 1782. The "Removable Paper Lock" format, a ceremonial-type correspondence, was used by French Kings (Louis XIV, Louis XV, and Louis XVI) and Que...

Document in a textile bag

Document in a textile bag


Added 17 days ago | 00:00:27 | 123 views

Letterlocking: Document in a Textile Bag, Italy. 1578. Was this once a locked document? Did the textile bag serve as an envelope and was once sewn shut? The original is found in the Vatican Secret Archives, Fondo Veneto, Sezione II, Con...

Letterlocking: Blank Margin Lock

Letterlocking: Blank Margin Lock


Added 17 days ago | 00:04:45 | 131 views

Letterlocking: Blank margin lock. Model of the highest level of built-in security found in letterlocking since the paper lock remains attached to the actual letter it is securing shut. Sir Robert Harley, Misc 28, Letter 2 of Hry Howard ...

Benjamin Lawrence Magolan: Coding for cooling

Benjamin Lawrence Magolan: Coding f...

NSE Student Research

Added 19 days ago | 00:01:30 | 321 views

Benjamin Magolan discusses his research which focuses on computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Magolan has been devising and testing algorithms to help model the flow of coolant water inside the core of a nuclear reactor.

Prof. Stephen Chorover on Nature vs. Nurture

Prof. Stephen Chorover on Nature vs...

Josh Kastorf

Added 3 months ago | 00:03:37 | 776 views

Prof. Emeritus Stephen Chorover (1933-2015) discusses nature vs. nurture in psychology and neuroscience. This is an excerpt from an upcoming documentary film about the history of MIT's Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. Chorov...

Griffelkin Opera

Griffelkin Opera

MIT Music and Theater Arts

Added 6 months ago | 01:28:23 | 2164 views

Lukas Foss, Griffelkin, MIT Concert Choir and Chamber Chorus, William Cutter, Music Director. Lynn Torgove, Stage Director.

Russian Soldier World War II Triangle-Shaped Folded Letter, 1940s

Russian Soldier World War II Triang...


Added 6 months ago | 00:00:22 | 3235 views

This letterlocking format was used exclusively by Russian Soldiers during World War II. Sealing the letter shut was forbidden. The format could be easily identified, opened by censors and reviewed, refolded and send forward to the intend...

Tom and Ray Magliozzi speak at MIT Commencement 1999

Tom and Ray Magliozzi speak at MIT ...

MIT Alumni Association

Added 7 months ago | 00:42:55 | 6612 views

Elizabeth Stuart Deciphering Sir Thomas Roe’s Letter: Cryptography, 1626

Elizabeth Stuart Deciphering Sir Th...


Added 7 months ago | 00:01:53 | 3297 views

Elizabeth Stuart used ciphers, special codes that need a key to unlock them, to hide information from prying eyes. So far seven of her keys, typically alphabets of 24 letters – in seventeenth-century script i/j and u/v were interchangeab...

Elizabeth Stuart’s Holograph Letter to Henry Rich, 1st Earl of Holland: A Sign of Intimacy, 1636

Elizabeth Stuart’s Holograph Letter...


Added 7 months ago | 00:05:42 | 3274 views

Most of Elizabeth Stuart’s letters are holograph, or in her own hand. Secretarial letters were the most likely to be intercepted and opened in the expectation of politically useful content within. From the moment of her husband's death i...

Iron Gall Ink: A Quick and Easy Method

Iron Gall Ink: A Quick and Easy Method


Added 7 months ago | 00:04:45 | 2389 views

2.0g gum arabic crystals 10.0g of oak galls 2.5g iron sulfate 1. Dissolve the gum arabic in water making a light, sticky solution, set aside. 2. Crush two galls (they look like nuts) with a hammer. Place them in a litre beaker a...

Kazue Kobata | Migration Inside-Out: Contemplate, Imagine, Act…

Kazue Kobata | Migration Inside-Out...

2014 Spring Lecture Series: Experiments in Thinking, Action, and Form: Cinematic Migrations

Added 10 months ago | 01:42:20 | 4743 views

Art curator and professor Kazue Kobata will explore themes of political and personal transformation in connection with aspects of technology, medium, and experience as they unfold in Japanese cinema. In 1982, Kazue Kobata opened Plan...

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