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Tom Malone: New technologies change essence of organizations

MIT Sloan Executive Education professor Tom Malone discusses how new new technologies can change the essence of organizations by communicating information and helping to make decisions. Learn more about professor Tom Malone.

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Prof. Malone, would you consider the destruction to the human side of business as we have reduced the human factor? Personal interaction a/k/a “Face Time”? I send you this message but yet you know nothing about me, you do not see my face, my expressions and know nothing about my background, but yet you have given me a new voice? Probably one I would not have had without the technology, but yet I wonder how effective what I have written is.
With Social sites such as Facebook are we putting the Human back into technology or making it easier to hide behind as in that movie “Surrogates”?

Posted over 3 years by cybdiver

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MIT Sloan Executive Education

MIT Sloan Executive Education

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March 21, 2011 11:05
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