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J.S. Bach, Brandenburg Concerto No. 4

J.S. Bach, Brandenburg Concerto No. 4

MIT Symphony Orchestra

Added almost 4 years ago | 00:17:29 | 10369 views

MIT Symphony Orchestra (MITSO) - 1967 April 9 J.S. Bach, Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 Sonia Guterman and Barbara Kuchuk, flutes Stuart Schulman, violin Jump to: I. Allegro Jump to: II. Andante Jump to: III. Presto

Elizabeth Stuart’s Holograph Letter to Henry Rich, 1st Earl of Holland: A Sign of Intimacy, 1636

Elizabeth Stuart’s Holograph Letter...


Added 5 months ago | 00:05:42 | 2590 views

Most of Elizabeth Stuart’s letters are holograph, or in her own hand. Secretarial letters were the most likely to be intercepted and opened in the expectation of politically useful content within. From the moment of her husband's death i...

Elizabeth Stuart Deciphering Sir Thomas Roe’s Letter: Cryptography, 1626

Elizabeth Stuart Deciphering Sir Th...


Added 5 months ago | 00:01:53 | 2240 views

Elizabeth Stuart used ciphers, special codes that need a key to unlock them, to hide information from prying eyes. So far seven of her keys, typically alphabets of 24 letters – in seventeenth-century script i/j and u/v were interchangeab...

Amalia von Solms’s Holograph Letter to Eleonore de Volvire: A Letter of Condolence, 1670

Amalia von Solms’s Holograph Letter...


Added 5 months ago | 00:04:28 | 1474 views

Amalia’s letter to Eleonore de Volvire is one of condolence, as Eleonore’s husband, François de l’Aubespine (1584-1670), Marquis de Hauterive-Châteauneuf and governor of Breda since 1639, has just died. The black sealing wax and black fl...

Sir Francis Nethersole and Elizabeth Stuart, sometime Queen of Bohemia: A Secretarial Letter, 1628

Sir Francis Nethersole and Elizabet...


Added 5 months ago | 00:06:06 | 1371 views

Writing an early modern letter was often a co-operative enterprise, and a queen might just as well delegate the entire job to her secretary as dictate it to him. Here Sir Francis prepares a letter for Elizabeth's approval, writing the co...