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A Conversation with George Soros

George Soros - Chairman, Soros Fund Management: The New Paradigm for Financial Markets

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La discusión parece interesante pero el sonido es terrible…En estas condiciones me gustaría saber quién es el guapo que mira el video hasta el final

Posted over 6 years by Anonymous

Is this “conversation” aimed at a general audience, as would be suggested by all the signs they put up on campus? If so, Caballero is a terrible moderator. He makes no effort whatsoever to make the discussion accessible to those who have not read the book or who do not have extensive knowledge of macroeconomic theory. I’m an economics student and still only have a vague idea what he’s talking about.

Posted over 6 years by Anonymous

Very interesting discussion. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation. I always find myself wishing for better understanding of the concepts, theories, and context that always underpins these sorts of discussions and is unstated (assumed to be known) in the actual discussion.

More reasons to keep on learning!

Posted over 6 years by Anonymous

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