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Gas Pressure

This video will explore the role of gas pressure. Using two chemical experiments, I will demonstrate how a chemical reaction produces carbon dioxide that increases the gas pressure inside a container and causes it to explode!

1- The first experiment will be a fizzing antacid tablet dropped into the water in a closed plastic film container! The carbon dioxide that is being released from dissolving of the tablet in the water will cause the film container to launch into the air with a POP! (the container is cap side down)
2- The second experiment will be an exploding launch bag! The mix of vinegar, water and salt in a zip-lock bag will cause the bag to explode. Indeed, the carbon dioxide created in this chemical reaction will increase the gas pressure in the zip-lock and cause it to explode. Although these are simple and interesting experiments, they demonstrate the concept of gas pressure and more room that the gas needs with its pressure increases.

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MIT Engineering K-12 Video Pilot 2

MIT Engineering K-12 Video Pilot 2

Category: Engineering | Updated almost 3 years ago

October 24, 2011 15:56
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