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Sandia’s Thoughts on the War On Terrorism

2/11/2002, 3:00, Bartos
Dr. Gerold Yonas

Sandia National Laboratories mission is "to help our nation secure a peaceful and free world through technology." Since September 11, 2001, Sandia's Advanced Concepts Group has been engaged in an analysis and planning process to help the lab respond to the nation's War on Terrorism. It began by trying to understand the threat and technology strategies that might be important in successfully waging this war. They divided activities into four teams: find and stop the terrorists, protect the homeland and respond to attacks, deal with the root causes, and define the connections among the other three. Each of these teams has framed its tasks and identified high level systems and technology related goals, priorities and plans for the mid to long term. This presentation will review progress in the light of recent events, and hopefully define opportunities for future interdisciplinary R&D activities.

School of Engineering, Engineering Systems Division


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