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The Real Rhapsody - Gershwin Solo Piano Roll

SOLO PIANO FOR RHAPSODY IN BLUE. Piano performance on punched paper from a two-piano demonstration, originally shown in Aolean Hall, NYC. A definitive, dynamic piano roll of Rhapsody in Blue composed by George Gershwin. Could this be the only truly hand-played music roll by George Gershwin? This is the Piano Primo roll, the solo. The other roll, a transcription of the orchestra, is lost. Performed and interpreted on a player piano from the 1920s. At times, you may need to fill in the blanks for yourself. Note: Permission granted to me from ARTCRAFT to show this music roll online. Note: There are some portions where mathematically placed holes had to be hand punched by an arranger.

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Category: Events | Updated 4 months ago

December 06, 2011 13:02
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