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Breaking the Energy Deadlock-New Technologies for a Secure and Sustainable Energy Economy

05/23/2002 1:45 Kresge
Charles C. Mann, Contributing Writer, Technology Review; Correspondent, Science and The Atlantic Monthly; Firoz Rasul, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ballard Power Systems; Ashol Belani, President, Schlumberger Semiconductor Solutions; Michael Koss, Assistant Director, Sustainable Mobility Project, World ;

Description: Decades of controversy over access, environmental impact, and economic costs have created an energy landscape characterized by glacial change punctuated by periodic domestic and international crises. Can new technologies-from fuel cells to wind turbines, improved oil and gas discovery and production methods, and intelligent power grids, buildings and transportation systems-break the impasse and lead to a reliable, low-cost and environmentally responsible energy future?

Host(s): Office of the Provost, Technology Review

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