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Peace and Chemistry Global Environmental Issues: Effects on the Atmosphere and the Biosphere

03/06/2003 7:00 PM 10-250
Mario J. Molina, MIT Institute Professor; 1995 Nobel Prize in Chemistry; Eric Chivian, Co-founder International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War; 1985 Nobel Peace Prize

Description: In this lecture Mario Molina defines the causes of global warming as a direct result of human behavior. He points out that local environmental concerns have become global ones and reminds us that "we only have one planet." Eric Chivian discusses the loss of biological diversity and its implications for the planet. He explains for example, why Lyme disease is more prevalent in the northeast, lessons to be learned from hibernating bears and the natural sources for some of the worlds most frequently prescribed drugs. He takes on SUV's unnecessary gadgets, and wasteful consumption.

Host(s): Office of the President, Ford/MIT Nobel Laureate Lecture Series

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