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Housing the Lowest Income Americans: The Past, Present and Future of Public Housing

06/07/2003 9:00 AM Kresge
Lawrence Vale, SM '88, Professor and Head of the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT School of Architecture and Planning

Description: Vale provides a historical overview of public housing in America and shares insights from his most recent book Reclaiming Public Housing. He shows provocative images from early advertisements to demonstrate some of society's long held attitudes toward public housing and those who live in public housing. He analyses government policies as they evolved to provide housing to "reward people who are most deserving" of assistance, or to provide housing assistance as a "coping mechanism".

About the Speaker(s): Larry Vale is Professor and Department Head, Department of Urban Studies and Planning in the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT. He attended Amherst College, and received the S.M.Arch.S. degree from MIT and a D.Phil from the University of Oxford. He has been a Rhodes Scholar and a Guggenheim Fellow, as well as the recipient of the 1997 Chester Rapkin Award from the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning. He has taught at the MIT since 1988.

Host(s): Alumni Association, Alumni Association

Tape #: 16604 and 16605

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