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Gyroscopes Made Easy

The motion of a gyroscope in response to an applied force is analyzed.  TSG's gimbaled gyroscope is used to demonstrate.

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very helpful.. thanks a ton

Posted 6 months by Anonymous 00:12:04

insert here

Posted 5 months by Anonymous 00:11:22

The net angular momentum does change, because the force applied creates a torque in a direction out of the board.However the net angular momentum in the plane of the board should be constant.

Posted 3 months by Anonymous 00:08:20

insert here

Posted 1 month by Anonymous 00:00:51

Hi, this is madhan raj. This video is really live and very useful for understand. Wonderful presentation.

Posted 27 days by Anonymous 00:29:09

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April 12, 2012 15:11
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