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Semi-Autonomous Vehicle Navigation -- Driver Inaction

In this scenario, the driver does not notice the curve(/obstacle) in the road. This sends the unassisted driver's vehicle straight across(/through) the hazard. When the semi-autonomous controller is included in the loop (blue vehicle), it engages just enough to navigate around the hazard without taking any more control authority from the driver than necessary.

For more information, see Sterling's website.

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This system is actually quite different from Nissan’s LDP system. While in this scenario the result of the two controllers is similar (both keep the vehicle on the road/in the lane), the means and consequent system capabilities are distinct. Nissan’s LDP as I understand it is a largely reactive system. That is, it responds to lane violation when it occurs (and not until then). This means that at high speeds — headed toward a cliff at 50 mph, for example — an LDP would not be able to keep the vehicle on the road because it neither predicts future vehicle trajectories nor accounts for important vehicle dynamics (like significant inertial effects and tire force considerations). Similarly, Nissan’s LDP is designed only to avoid lane departure; it does not account for or try to avoid impending obstacles such as other vehicles, etc. The control system shown here does. By predicting an optimal or “best case” vehicle trajectory that explicitly considers vehicle dynamics and driver inputs, this system is able to 1) preemptively assess the threat posed to the vehicle, 2) plan a “best case” trajectory to reduce that threat, and 3) regulate control authority between the driver and controller to prevent collisions or instability.

Posted almost 8 years by SterlingAnderson

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June 13, 2009 01:04
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