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Semi-Autonomous Vehicle Navigation -- Passing Maneuver Among Moving Hazards

This video demonstrates the semi-autonomous controller's ability to avoid moving hazards. A human driver controls the gray vehicle with no assistance from our semi-autonomous controller. The blue vehicle is jointly controlled by a human driver and our semi-autonomous navigation system. In both cases, the driver input is identical (steer angle = 0 as though he does not see the impending hazards). The yellow vehicle is initially traveling at the same velocity as the host vehicle (blue and gray), before it rapidly brakes, requiring that the host vehicle execute a passing maneuver before the red vehicle (coming in the opposite direction) overtakes it. Notice that the host vehicle (blue and gray) maintains a constant velocity (~44 mph) while other vehicles accelerate and decelerate.

For more information, see Sterling's website.

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June 16, 2009 21:44
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