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Ashdown House - The home where Science and technology live

"Where East met West and the West Learned from the East. The North Looked into the eyes of the South and the South found good in the North. The cultural and social effectiveness of our graduate students will receive that natural training which comes from free social intercourse between men and women of different interest, but of equivalent intellectual outlook." President Compton, Technique 1944 "It's a very warm and engaging memoire of the house's history, people and context, providing historical relevance and connection to the Ashdown legacy for the new graduate students who will live there. " Dean of Graduate Students, Isaac Colbert, 2006 "This documentary is important in a sense that it shows how a graduate community is built. We tend to identiyy graduate students with their labs and not with where they live. Ashdown House is a very good example of how to improve graduate life not only for MIT but other schools in the country and around the world." Deborah Douglas, MIT Museum Curator

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Fond memories! I was born 1n 1944 as a faculty brat. Hung out at MIT until the middle sixties. Thanks, Ben, for making and sharing this video. Eva

Posted 5 years by Eva Reissner Ewing

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Ben Wood

Ben Wood

Category: Life at MIT | Updated almost 4 years ago

July 18, 2009 09:57
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