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B.W.D. Scooter Custom BLDC Motor - Speed Test

This is a speed test of the B.W.D. scooter's first custom-built hub motor. The scooter is this year's Edgerton Center Summer Engineering Workshop project. B.W.D. stands for either "both wheel drive" or "brushless wheel drive," since the Razor-style scooter will have two integrated BLDC hub motors.

The hub motor is built from scratch using laser-cut steel laminations donated by Proto Laminations. It has 12 slots and 14 neodymium block magnets (see LRK winding motors). The inspiration came from Charles Guan's Project RazEr.

The scooter motor has a Kv of approximately 47 RPM/V, which is quite low. This means more torque and less speed than a typical BLDC motor, which might be used to power an model aircraft propeller. For a scooter, the more torque, the better!

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it is excellent.

Posted almost 8 years by sairam30958

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July 30, 2009 15:32
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