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Seeing Machine

Elizabeth Goldring is an artist, poet and Senior Fellow at MIT's Center for Advanced Visual Studies. Her collaborative research at CAVS includes visualizing her own vision loss and developing both a visual language and "seeing machine" for people who are blind or visually challenged. This video was produced in collaboration with the MIT News Office in April 2006 as a video news release about Goldring's Seeing Machine Prototype.The video includes excerpts from an earlier documentary produced by Goldring and Ellen Sebring, as well as video art collaborations with Vin Grabill.

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Iam a 14 years old girl my name is Marcelina and Iam Polish girl i have been studying english for 3 years already and Iam very amazed by these videos that are being posted. I have been interested in MIT for a long time. Seeing these videos have inspired me to study more and choose my future. I love to know many things especially about technology and modern art. And I love this video

Posted almost 7 years by Anonymous User

great concept.

Posted almost 7 years by Anonymous User

and read Acts 2:38(kjv) to save your soul

Posted almost 5 years by Anonymous 00:00:04

good luck on your future endeavors mit students

Posted almost 5 years by Anonymous 00:04:29

how can you get a job?

Posted almost 5 years by Anonymous 00:04:07

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