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A Banker's perspective of the financial crisis

Jürgen Schlangenotto joined BNP PARIBAS in September 2008 as managing director, corporate and investment banking taking care of the portfolios of a number of major German DAX-Companies. BNP Paribas is the largest bank in the Euro Zone by total assets and second largest by market capitalization. It ranks 5th in the banking industry worldwide. It employs 205,000 people, of whom 165,000 work in Europe, and maintains a presence in 87 countries. The bank is active in the finance, investment, and asset management markets. Jürgen talks here about the causes and effects of the financial crisis from a banking perspective.

This presentation was given on October 10, 2009. View the keynote speech from this event, which was given by Jon Moynihan SM '77.

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