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MITEI Press Briefing - Part 3 - Sterman, Ortiz, Greenstone

These research presentations were given as part of a press briefing on March 5, 2010. - John Sterman: C-ROADS (Climate-Rapid Review and Decision Support) Policy Simulation Model - Luis Ortiz: The Liquid Metal Battery, a Grid-Storage Solution for Dispatchable Renewable Energy - Michael Greenstone: Unequal Burdens: Predicting the Mortality Impacts of Climate Change in the US and India

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John Sterman: C-ROADS

Posted almost 7 years by mitei 00:00:27

Luis Ortiz – The Liquid Metal Battery

Posted almost 7 years by mitei 00:31:16

Michael Greenstone: Unequal Burdens – Predicting the Mortality Impacts of Climate Change in the US and India

Posted almost 7 years by mitei 00:50:56

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MIT Energy Initiative

MIT Energy Initiative

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