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This is the first post of my video blog. Basically it's a two-minute-long crash course on all things me. Wana know more? Go to my personal blog at

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haha, I LOVED your voice when saying that.

Posted 7 years by oef

angel pee in a bottle…im sure god's pee tastes better….

Posted 7 years by kbui

wow milena, de verdad que es lo que dice omar, tu voz me dio tanta gracia… sonabas a nena come m de caguas, lol

Posted 7 years by Anonymous User

hahahahaha, I <3 Anonymous' comment, haha.

Posted 7 years by oef

Oooh, I love the Mars Volta. I hear they're amazing live.

We are gonna get along just fine.

Posted 7 years by csm

cute..and i love lush too

Posted 7 years by Anonymous User

ooh ooh! cool i like this video im puertorrican; and i'm planning on becoming a chemical engineer as well(though that's not exactly what I thought I would be)

haha you kinda remind me of me (is that too weird? haha sorry) im actually younger than you

and best of all – I love shoes!

keep on bloggin'


Posted 7 years by Anonymous User

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January 14, 2008 02:36
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