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BLOSSOMS - Taking Walks, Delivering Mail: An Introduction to Graph Theory with Karima Nigmatulina (Arabic Voiceover)

Video Summary: This learning video presents an introduction to graph theory through two fun, puzzle-like problems: “The Seven Bridges of Königsberg” and “The Chinese Postman Problem”. Any high school student in a college-preparatory math class should be able to participate in this lesson. Materials needed include: pen and paper for the students; if possible, printed-out copies of the graphs and image that are used in the module; and a blackboard or equivalent. During this video lesson, students will learn graph theory by finding a route through a city/town/village without crossing the same path twice. They will also learn to determine the length of the shortest route that covers all the roads in a city/town/village. To achieve these two learning objectives, they will use nodes and arcs to create a graph and represent a real problem. This video lesson cannot be completed in one usual class period of approximately 55 minutes. It is suggested that the lesson be presented over two class sessions.

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April 22, 2010 10:59
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