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Episode 5, Part 2 Making a GAMBIT Game

MAKING A GAMBIT GAME Ep 5, Pt 2. "FIRST PLAYABLE" IN EPISODE 5 OF "MAKING A GAMBIT GAME": The First Playable deadline is arriving and Team 4 must hustle to get their game up to shape so that it can be reviewed by multiple members of the GAMBIT Staff. After the review, Doris and Rik speak directly to Team 4 about their concerns about the progress of the game. In Episode Five of the GAMBIT Research Video Podcast Series , Postdoctoral Researcher Doris Rusch, explained the concept behind her 2010 Summer Game Project entitled "Game Design Meets Therapy." Following a two week orientation in Singapore we documented that research until the game was constructed over a nine week period in the summer of 2010. This series "MAKING A GAMBIT GAME" will give an in-depth view of that process which lead to the creation of the game, ELUDE (to play the game click the link below) . "Founded in 2006, the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab sets itself apart by emphasizing the creation of video game prototypes to demonstrate our research as a complement to traditional academic publishing. Video Produced by Generoso Fierro, Edited by Garrett Beazley, Music by Sean M. Sinclair. CLICK HERE To Play ELUDE and all of the other GAMBIT 2010 Summer Games A NEW EPISODE WILL BE RELEASED EVERY TUESDAY UNTIL NOV. 9th, 2010

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designer In Ing goes over features not yet in the game that players may be confused about when they test it

Posted almost 6 years by Anonymous 00:01:10

philip and abe tell the team about feedback they expect to see in the next build

Posted almost 6 years by Anonymous 00:04:19

Philip: need more feedback and cues about what the player is doing, why, and what is going on in the gameworld

Posted almost 6 years by GambitGameLab 00:08:46

this milestone: “press button to not be depressed”, next milestone: content! (not sure what yet)

Posted almost 6 years by GambitGameLab 00:14:34

Rik talks about role/discipline ownership

Posted almost 6 years by GambitGameLab 00:17:57

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Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab

Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab

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